Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sexy Hot Black Women - Stacey Dash

Sexy Hot Black Women - Stacey Dash

Sexy Hot Black Women - Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash. She is young, black, and beautiful! What a minute, she’s actually in her 40s! Wow, that would make her… a cougar? Stacey was born in the Bronx in 1966 and has at least portrayed young girls for a while. Bless her heart! You probably remember her from the “Clueless” TV series. She has also starred in a number of B-rate movies, but I honestly think that her notoriety comes from the fact that she is just so amazingly beautiful. Contrary to her age, she comes across as an amazingly sweet young thing.

In this picture, you can see why her sex appeal has been driving men crazy for years. First, look at her eyes. Hazel eyes on a black woman just take me to my knees. In this picture/pose, Stacey ‘s eyes are piercing right through you like a Cupid’s arrow to the heart. Also, she is biting on her nails in a very sexual and sensual manner. That, compounded with her eyes, makes you think that this cougar is about to pounce. OK, so I know by now, you’re not looking at her face. This picture is nice because she’s not wearing any clothes and you can see her beautiful body and bare ass. I love curves on my black women and Stacey definitely does not disappoint. From head to toe, Stacey is hot, hot, hot!

Sexy Hot Black Women - Beyonce Knowles Bikini

Sexy Hot Black Women - Beyonce Knowles Bikini

Sexy Hot Black Women - Beyonce Knowles Bikini

OK, now we’re getting warmed up. Now, let’s talk about one of the sexiest black women in pop culture today. Beyonce Knowles takes sexy to a whole new level. From Houston, Beyonce started as the lead singer in the trio, “Destiny’s Child” where she really made her mark. She went solo (somewhat pissing off the rest of her group) and then went from great to just off the charts. Her music has become a staple for women empowerment and has appealed to women of all ages. Of course, her smoking body and just unreal moves on the stage appeal to men of all ages. It’s interesting that she can sing a song about the fact that you’ll never get with me unless you put a ring on my finger and every man in the audience is put quite simply, mesmerized.

This picture is from her famous spread in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine. There are so many hot pictures of Beyonce to choose from, but I wanted to pick one that not only shows how beautiful and drop dead gorgeous the girl is, but also shows a part of her kind heart.

Looking at this picture, you can see all of the attributes that make her a pretty girl. Her silky hair is blowing in the breeze. Her facial features are exquisitely perfect. Her body is rock solid with her perfect breasts and ample booty full on display. She is covered with sand which gives her an extremely playful appearance. Of course, you can find a number of photos that show all of these qualities. What I love about this picture is that when you look at her face, you see that Texas friendly way. Looking at her eyes and smile, you get the impression that she’s not faking the happy look, but she’s actually pleased that she’s there. There’s also a hint that she’s still a little bewildered at all the attention that she’s getting.

That makes Beyonce even more attractive.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sexy Hot Black Women - Vanessa Williams in Lingerie

Sexy Hot Black Women - Vanessa Williams in Lingerie

Sexy Hot Black Women - Vanessa Williams

OK, so if you don’t know who Vanessa Williams is, you’ve been living under a rock for the last 30 years. She has got to be one of the most talented and beautiful performers of our time. Of course, she was first known as the beauty queen that got her title of Miss America revoked after pictures in a men’s magazine surfaced. Overcoming from that adversity, she went on to have one of the best singing careers of any performer I’ve ever seen. If that wasn’t enough, she recently proved to be a very good actress. Her role as the evil “Wilimina Slater” with a heart is absolutely perfect. The mean-spirited character is a nice contrast to her otherwise very pleasant demeanor and appearance.

Did I mention that she is extremely sexy as well? As a young woman, Vanessa was an extremely gorgeous woman. As an older woman, she has blossomed and has that sex appeal that only comes with experience. In this picture, you can see what I mean. Vanessa is wearing a lacy negligee that’s holding her perfect breasts in place. You also notice that that bottom half is a bit see-through. Through the lace you see what appears to be a pair of purple panties. Obviously her body is heavenly and her skin tone is exquisite, but what I love most about this picture is her smile.
Her smile has a sweetness and exhibits effortless joy. It’s not forced or faked. You can tell that she’s genuinely happy.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sexy Hot Black Women - Gabrielle Union in Lingerie

Sexy Hot Black Women  - Gabrielle Union in Lingerie

Sexy Hot Black Women - Gabrielle Union in Lingerie

OK so I’m going to start this blog for real now with probably my personal favorite among black women. Gabrielle Union has got to be one of the sexiest, sauciest, and dare I say one of the most bootilicious hotties I have ever seen. You may remember her from the teen classic, “Bring it on” or more recently playing Willamina Slater’s crazy daughter in “Ugly Betty” with her 1 season stint. I also seem to remember her playing a role in one of those all black movies that were really popular about 5 years ago.

At any rate, I think what does it for me is that she always plays these super confident, super gorgeous characters. Looking at this picture, you can see why I am so enamored. Starting with her hair, you can tell that it’s very soft and smooth, which is not typical of black women’s hair, but this is no typical black woman. Her facial features are so soft yet pronounced. She has an amazingly cute button nose and you can just get the feeling that you would love to kiss every inch of her face (and elsewhere) and that her lips would be delicious.

Then there’s the rest of her body. I mean what else can I say? As she’s bending over in this picture showing her perfect breasts and you get a hint of her awesome ass, you know she keeps her body toned. She definitely works out and she makes a point to look good. And boy does she look good!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sexy Hot Black Women - What makes Black Women so incredibly HOT?

What makes black women so incredibly HOT?

OK, so for those out there that do not care for my lack of political correctness, I will not refer to women here as African American. That is primarily because some women won't be American and it would be wrong to call them that. But more importantly, black women are proud to be black. They are proud black women!

Besides, by coming here, you don't object to the way we talk around here by virtue of coming to site (also, would have been way too long of a blog address).

Now that that's out of the way, this intro post is to talk about why did I choose black women to focus on here. Well I personally find black women some of the sexiest women on the face of the planet! Their bodies with all of their curves are just luscious and their attitudes really make them ultra sexy in my book. And have you seen them dance? I mean, really? They know how to shake it. You know what they say... if they know how to shake it on the dance floor, then they know how to shake it in the bedroom!

So we will celebrate the black woman here. We will celebrate every sexy inch of every one of their bodies!

Stay tuned.
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